Sunday, July 22, 2007

Stamps of the Day: Wild boar and Garbo

Since the current theme are ribs from pigs, here is a stamp of some live, but wild, pigs from Russia. I also got a question on how to find stamps on the internet, and without google not much would be possible. Google images for 'topical stamp XXX" or 'stamp XXX" or "postage XXX" (eller frimärke for Swedish) where XXX is your topic and see what you can find!

There are also some other good websites, such as:
Russian stamps
US stamps (USPS), for about the last 10 years
Swedish stamps (Postverket, in Swedish) or go to this page, and click on Press pictures can be good too
Wonderful World of Stamps
Computers on stamps
Stamps by themes (French)
Dinosaur stamps
Chinese stamps
American Topical Association (lots of links here)
Norwegian railroad on stamps (and other countries too)
Thematic stamp site list

And, in fact, the most beautiful stamp in the world is Swedish: Greta Garbo of course! (note that the collaborative American stamp didn't get the honors). Here is a link to a larger version of the Swedish Garbo stamp.


O.K. said...

Guess what, I have some wild boar in the freezer. I think I'll have that tonight, roasted in the oven with potatoes, swedes and turnip celery.
I passed Greta Garbo's birthplace on Blekingegatan the other day, on my way to the coffeeshop to get my weekly fix of fresh roasted coffee beans.

PP said...

hmmm I think I'll pass on the roasted Swedes.

O.K. said...

Why? It's only cannibalism for me, not you... ;)

LS said...

Note how on the Swedish stamp Greta (Great) Garbo is in tiny letters? I like that - the American stamp is just mouthing it off loudly. She lived and died in New York, and was still mysterious and reclusive when 90 years old. Where is Blekingegatan in Stockholm, pa Soder?

LS said...

turnip celery??? you mean root celery? Swedes = turnips. Or it is rutabagas? I should know and now I am getting confused...

O.K. said...

Dug out the dictionary and it says rotselleri = turnip-rooted celery.
Blekingegatan är på söder, vid ringvägen nära Skanstull.

LS said...

This bird stamp place is good too