Thursday, September 6, 2007

A small first taste of Yellowstone National Park

Simple fact: Yellowstone is fantastic! Here is a sample until I can write more about it.

Yellowstone River falls into Grand Canyon of Yellowstone National Park.

We saw thousands of bison (buffalo, bisonoxar), giant beasts that don't care about cars.
They use the roads as travel paths.

Very active steam vent (fumarole) in the Norris geyser basin. Those yellowish colors are microorganisms that love to live in hot, acid environments.

Mammoth Hot Springs can be an eerie place. Springs that bring mineral-laden water to the surface deposit large layers of chemicals that can kill trees.


O.K. said...

Judging from yours and Ans' photos, volcanic activity makes beautiful landscapes. :)

EH said...

It´s so beautiful!