Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Labels: Beer Calls

Seen on a beer glass in Chicago, content is an 'Urban Wheat Ale' made locally.

(Listening to while posting: humming harddrive and grasshoppers' last effort before the fall is here. A chirping bird too, and wind in the leaves of the sugar maple.)


O.K. said...

Was it any good? Or was it just not for you?

LS said...

Hmmm, not sure how I should answer that question (or what O.K. really means, hehe). Does it imply that 'bad' are things I like or don't like? Or that I don't like good things? :)

Actually, first I thought it was a wheat beer, like the foamy German ones with 'stuff' in it, which I don't like. But it tasted good, more like a regular light ale, and was all clear through. I didn't order one, I just had a taste. I was drinking gin and tonic instead - long live the Junipers!