Sunday, September 30, 2007

Oyster opening 101

1. Buy good oysters at the local fish market. Note, GOOD and LOCAL.
2. Bring them home.
3. Get out your knives, thin and sharp-edged, but not the best ones in case they will break.
4. Try to find an opening.
5. When you can't find an opening, swear a bit, and try to force yourself in. It won't work. Suggest to husband that a hammer might be a good idea, he disagrees.
6. Look for another knife, this one made in Japan, and try again. Works better - it only takes 5 min to open the first one.
7. Second one, I think I am getting the hang of this. You force yourself in between the shells with your Japanese knife, twist the knife around to cut off the muscle that holds the shells together, open the shells, and scrape the whole organism into the shell and put it on ice.
8. I don't like raw oysters, but after opening a bunch of them I had to try them. Strange taste, but not so bad with Tabasco on and lemon. They are certainly not the prettiest food (see above), but they are quite edible. I still like deep-fried oysters and oyster stew better, but nowadays I think I can actually enjoy a raw oyster. At least if I opened it myself.

But I still don't get what Shakespeare meant when he wrote:

Why, then the world's mine oyster,
Which I with sword will open.


PP said...

what don't you get about the quote?

LS said...

" My world is an oyster
that I will open with a sword"

But what does it mean? Why would you open a world with a sword? Why is the world an oyster? All closed up? Inside a hard shell? If someone has some smart explanation and analysis of this, let me know...

Olle said...

Tabasco!!! You cannot be serious. Possibly a drop of lemon but rather not.

What oysters taste is the sea, seawater. When eating them you should think about swimming in the ocean, warm, calm, clear water so you can see fishes and shells at 6 meters' depth.

It is just wonderful. But I have never learned to open them - I just cut my hand.

LS said...

One reason I never liked oysters before was that they tasted like... sea floor. These ones were much better, not so muddy-tasting. Amd a little Tabasco helped :)

I would love to swim in a warm ocean right now and look at shells and fishes and seaweed and sea stars and squids and little crabs.

O.K. said...

"But I have never learned to open them - I just cut my hand."

Of course, as with all serious activities you have to "give blood". That's my excuse at least. (Cut myself last time.)

LS said...

Aha, for those of use that don't cut ourselves, the Tabasco is the substitute blood!