Friday, September 21, 2007

Labels: Flying wine

I think this wine label will be popular with O.K., that is my current working hypothesis to be tested. Why?
1) bicycle
2) French
3) retro design
4) muscular (Gladiator)
5) woman with long hair, like a Swedish skogsrå

Let's see the result - I expect an answer in the comments.
(for sale at Bottle King in Hillsborough, NJ)


O.K. said...

Well, the wine's taste might affect the popularity too.

Ok, lets see then:

1. Bike is good, but I'm more attracted to either high wheelers or racing bikes from the 30s-70s.

2. French is great! But is the wine really french? The whole idea of that design of the label seems more american. The french are usually more conservative.

3. Retro can be good, but this a little to romantic for me. See 1 and 5.

4. Muscular? Now I don't understand you at all.

5. Nah, give me a cyclist instead. Either a gentleman with the mandatory mustache on a high wheeler or a muddy Eddy Merckx on the cobblestone roads of Paris-Roubaix.

But since there are probably very few wines with a cycling theme at all one can't be to picky. 2-3 out of 5 is good enough.

However, if there was a wine with a label based on, or similar to this poster I would get it immediately!

LS said...

Well, I read up some more at the wine's home page:

OK, so it is California wine, with a French bicycle label. O.K., was right - the French are sticking to their boring Chateau labels with lots of text and no other visuals.

"Started in Paris in 1891 by Alexandre Darracq (an eccentric, who would later become famous for manufacturing automobiles), Gladiator was one of the dozens of bicycle companies that saturated the market when the cycling craze boomed."

You can read more about the history of bicycles on the homepage of the wine company.

That poster you linked to is great too. But wines should be sipped, not gulped down in fast-forward around curves, which is what that poster reminds me off. By the way, have you seen French Kiss with Meg Ryan? It is a nice little movie, but maybe to romantic for you. :P

O.K. said...

With a label like the poster I linked to, you can enjoy the wine without uncorking it. ;)

"By the way, have you seen French Kiss with Meg Ryan?"