Sunday, September 16, 2007

Stamp of the Day: Verandas

Apropos the architecture school box in Stockholm, here are some indigineous and nice verandas (porches) on Swedish-Finnish houses on Aland. I love the 'krusiduller' (elaborations) and "snickarglädje" ('carpenter's joy') on these - it shows that the designer and carpenter made an effort to be creative and different. Note how plain the houses are and that the verandas get to do the whole show. Do you think they design these kinds of things in today's architecture schools? I don't know.


O.K. said...

These examples of "snickarglädje" are missing one thing that I associate with it, namely carved bargeboards and railings. Something like this, this, or this. Perhaps that is a regional thing.

More snickarglädje here.

LS said...

Great website you found!

Well, consider that there is a Finnish influence on these buildings on the stamps - understatement is more their thing, not flamboyance.

EH said...

There are new houses that look like your stamps LS, like Värsåsvillan shown here

PS I still don´t get my links to work!


O.K. said...

How to make links in comments:

(a href=" )"Snickarglädje(/a)

(In one line). If you write it replacing all () with <> it will become:


Primitive but works.

EH said...

Tack för tipset OK, jag ska fortsätta försöka..:-)