Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Forgotten places in my hometown

I went by bus in Eskilstuna and took a timetable. Do you remember Helgestahill, Valhalla, Glömsta, Rinmansparken, Tunavallen etc, dear family. It´s been a long time since I thought about these places, but seeing the names calls the memories back. Do you feel the same?

Editing: Ohhh, forgot the most important of all SLAGSTA, but that I hadn´t forgot. Slagsta-glass mmmm...(yummy)

More familiar names and places...

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LS said...

They have many more buses now than when we lived there! I guess the title for this blog post could have been 'Glömsta' (meaning forgotten village), a real place name on the map, that I had completely forgotten. So many memories come back, even if we rarely took the bus to anywhere else than Slagsta.