Thursday, September 6, 2007

Better food in my kids' school!

Great news!
Acting Governor Richard J. Codey today announced that, by September 1, 2007, New Jersey school districts will be required to adopt a comprehensive statewide policy that will ban soda and junk foods, and teach better eating habits. (link)
Kids (AREA and LA), are you ready for no fries, no soda, no candy? I want you to report back next week what is different from last year. Is the school's lowfat pizza good? Let us know.
Some of the new rules:
The following may not be served, sold or given out free as promotion anywhere on school policy at any time before the end of the school day: Foods of minimal nutritional value, as defined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This includes a ban on soda. Items listing sugar in any form as the first ingredient. All forms of candy.
Finally some progress in the mainstream food culture in USA.


RosaMilton said...

Otroligt att ungarna fått dricka läsk i skolan... Blir de sura om de tvingas avstå?


AREA said...

I'm only going to eat salad, they food is c-r-a-p.

LS said...

Apparently some kids don't mind the change at all - they prefer the new kind of foods. I find it awful that there is so much soda and bad food in schools, but it is the same at worklunches and snack time. At our seminars, there is only soda or coffee, and donuts, sometimes sandwiches, but generally unhealthy food. No wonder Americans are fat generally. Who needs 200 kinds of potato chips?

AREA - report back if you see any changes in your school menues, OK?

O.K. said...

AREA: Is the food "crap" now with the new rules?