Sunday, September 23, 2007


In the time before time, the great beings created the bionicle universe from a location known only as the world that feeds the world.
They created Artahka, Karzahni, Mata nui and Makuta.
And from the world that feeds the world, the matoran of light and the av-matoran were created. They are the matoran destined to become Toa, guardians of the universe. Mata nui created the matoran, the sky, the earth and the water. Makuta created weaker duplicates of himself, creating the brotherhood of Makuta (although there are female members of the brotherhood). Artahka and Karzahni were always bickering about who was a better craftsman. They had a contest, and Artahka won with his creation known as the staff of Artahka, which can re-create any object even from the smallest fragment of the object. But Karzahni vanished into his realm, never to emerge until nearly 100,000 years later. The great beings created the hand of Artahka, also known as the order of Mata nui, whose job was to protect Mata nui. In Artahka (the name of Artahka's realm) the order created the Toa Mata , whose job was to retrieve the staff of Artahka if it was ever stolen. The great beings then created the mask of life, commonly known as Kanohi Ignika. The mask was created to save Mata nui's life if it was ever in danger (because if Mata nui died so did the universe). A prophecy came with it as well, inscribed on the inside of the mask:

Where evil's afloat,
A secret brings hope.

Where a world has gone under,
Comes lightning and thunder.

What darkness divides,
A cut will unite.

Ignite the flame of the heart,
For the future to start.

Nearly every single villain in the bionicle history craves that mask. Not only does it have the ability to give life, but also to take it away.


O.K. said...

Sounds like Lego has been studying the religious myths of the world...

LS said...

Great writing, LA! Yes, I think LEGO hired some mythology experts - maybe you can get a job there too, LA, eventually. You certainly know a lot about it!