Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Paddling i Södermanlands skärgård

(Title: Kayaking in Sodermanland's archipelago, Sweden)
Paddling i den otroliga skärgården med massor med härliga skär och klippöar. Matlagning vid tältet i kvällsol.
Kayaking in the amazing Baltic archipelago south of Stockholm with lots of islets and rocky islands. Preparing dinner outside the tent in the evening sun.
Strandkanten med stilla vatten.
Seashore with quiet water. (The brown plant is Rumex crispus.)
En gammal havsörn med vit stjärt sitter nära oss på en häll. En ung havsörn kommer också mycket nära och skriker i en talltopp.
An old white-tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) with its white tail sits close to us on a rock. A young white-tailed eagle also passes by near us, and later makes screaming noises from the top of a pine tree.
Bad och sol från släta hällar med havet utanför. Klart rent vatten med mycket tång.
Swimming and sun from smooth rocks with the sea at the horizon. Clear, clean water with lots of sea weeds. (Angelica archangelica also likes it here, a relative of carrots and Queen Anne's lace, on the left side of the picture.)
Innanför yttre skärgården ligger en skyddad skärgård med slingrande kanaler.
Inside the outermost archipelago are more protected islands with slithering channels between them. (The rocks are mainly granite and gneiss and about the same age as the Appalachian rocks.)
Jag tror inte det finns en vackrare skärgård.
I don't think there is a more beautiful archipelago anywhere. (Plants in the foreground are 'trift', Armeria maritima, a plant that can survive high concentrations of salt. The rocky islands were shaped by the ice age into smooth, rounded shapes.)

(translation by LS)

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LS said...

The Baltic archipelago is something i REALLY miss here in the US. There is nothing like it anywhere else. And those long summer evenings, when the sun barely dips its toes into the water before starting to go up again... (ok, that is further north, by the Arctic circle, but you can nearly imagine it like that in the Stockholm area too).