Monday, September 10, 2007

City wildlife

With the recent posts about Yellowstone on this blog, I feel I have to point out that there's exiting wildlife were I live as well, like eeh... Let's see... Mosquitoes! At least two different species! See for yourselves:

The rare Tea-squito, of indian origin perhaps? Close relative to the firefly. (This is in fact a lamp.)

This kind on the other hand is more down-to-earth. Or is it squashed? A Mos-squito? (mos = squashed)

And no, I'm not jealous of those who go to Yellowstone. Not at all...



LS said...

Just a short comment:

I didn't see ONE mosquito in Yellowstone :p

That lamp insect doesn't have a cord, so it is battery driven? Cool design.

O.K. said...

"Cord not included"? It should have one, the other ones of the same kind I've seen had cords.