Friday, September 14, 2007

Seen in Chicago: corn babies

For those of you that have never heard of a corn dog - it is a hot dog surrounded by cornbread that is baked or fried, not sure which, on a stick. Kids love it, and it is not healthy :)

I think Americans love things on sticks and things that are fried. In Minnesota they deepfry Snicker bars... say no more...

Update: see a live corn dog here.


O.K. said...

Deep fried snicker bars? What's next? Deep fried sneakers? Charlie Chaplin would have praised the gods in "The Gold Rush" if he was served that. On the other hand, the shoe he ate was actually made out of licorice.

LS said...

Oh, in Minnesota I have heard that they deep-fry anything and everything, especially at the summer state fairs.

How do you know the shoe was made out of licorice? I want one of those licorice shoes! Can you imagine the candymaker that got that order. "One shoe for Charlie Chaplin, size 10, in brown licorice, edible, please"