Thursday, May 31, 2007

Feed me!

PP asked for a way to keep track of new comments even if they are on older posts, so I added links to the feeds for posts and comments in the sidebar. You can either use them in a modern web browser (Firefox, Safari 2.0 etc) or in a standalone reader. There is also a extension for Firefox called Sage that works better than the built-in "live bookmarks".
Please note that when editing posts (adding labels, correct spelling etc) they show up as new on the feed. At the moment there is some trash comments showing up from a test post I made. I guess I should have deleted the comments before I deleted the post. Oh well.

Feed for comments:


Edit: Wizz RSS News Reader seems to be a better, more feature-rich RSS and Atom feeds reader for those who want one integrated with firefox. You find it here.

Edit 2: Added a "Latest 5 comments" to the sidebar. 5 is the maximum, but with the rate of commenting you might miss some. Should we keep it there anyway? The atom feed gives you the latest 25.


LS said...

I am trying to figure out how this works... when I clikc on the link, a widow with lots of html comes up in Firefox? Is that supposed to be like that? Maybe I should read the instructions in the right column, hehe.

LS said...

PS. Cookie monster is great. I have a sweater that looks like his fur, it is nicknamed my "muppet sweater" by my students.

O.K. said...

Have you figured it out yet?

Skype me otherwise.

LS said...

It doesn't seem like the side bar is updated immediately. I have written several comments in the last hour that are not showing up.

O.K. said...

Yes, I have noticed that too. Blogger's rss-sidebar thingy is probably to be blamed (slow reload) since the feed updates immediately.

Have you tried Sage in firefox?