Saturday, May 26, 2007

± 300 m/s

Since recycling is popular around here, I thought I'd show my and nephew M's ongoing project. It's an appagrunk, also known as thingymajig, with infinite (well, some imagination required) capabilities.

"Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun"

I am especially fond of the military-grade meters with the scales showing ± 300 meters per second, salvaged from a weapons system. "Turn swords into plowshares", so to speak.
When I demonstrated it's sound capabilities to EH she said "Are you kidding?!". Parents can be so picky, but I added a resistor to keep the volume down and her from possible future insanity... :)

Some might say that this is just a way for me to unload my old garbage that I am unable to throw away on innocent children, and while there is some truth to that I must say to my defense that they seem to enjoy it.
Further development will be reported when it is declassified.

(Listening to while posting: Steve Reich - Different Trains)


LS said...

I am so impressed!!! This is great. Just one question, 300 meter per second for what? Speed of sound? And where did you get that weapon part?

I like how you reused one of the old plastic boxes we used to have while sailing and camping - did Mom or Dad donate that?

I am sure M loves it! We can send you some more parts from over here... :)

O.K. said...

±300 m/s on the x- and y-axis, I think it was used to a control some kind of cannon. Where I got it? Don't ask...;)

Mom donated the box, but I don't know if she knows, hehe. The plastic box has one big plus, you make new holes in it with an ordinary breadknife.

LS said...

What's the antenna for?

O.K. said...

The "antenna" is actually a stoplight, controlled by a switch. There might be a more sophisticated control in the future.

LS said...

Stoplight for what????

Next question - how old do you think M will be before he is posting on the blog???

EH said...

Stoplight for cars when you play on the floor of course!

It´s very important that no one drives against red light, unfortunately D. doesn´t seem to care to much, much annoying to M.

But D. has his own agenda.

O.K. said...

Hmm, maybe I've should have written traffic light instead. Less confusing perhaps.

In a few years when M starts writing, blogs will be something only old farts do...