Thursday, May 17, 2007

Syttende Mai

Today is Norway's National Day, and a party day in Norway. I was thinking this morning about good things that have come from Norway, and I couldn't come up with many. There must be more! Finland has vodka, dark bread, Aalto, and Kalevala; Denmark has licorice and beer; Sweden has too much to tell; but what does Norway have? OK, fjords, salmon (yum!), whale meat, a good place for cousin OB to live in Tromso, and I know lots of red-headed Norwegian descendants that are really good people. But when it comes to items in everyday life, the only Norwegian thing I think we have here at home is ..... what? I don't know. Do you have Norwegian things in your house or in your fridge?

Oh, I know. King Oscar's sardines in tomato sauce!!!! And they taste great.


LS said...

I just found out that today is also

and on this day in 1845, rubber bands were invented or patented, one or the other. Great invention, I use them everyday.

O.K. said...

King Oscar was actually the SWEDISH king! Therefore the sardines cannot be norwegian. Ok, half-norwegian at most. ;)

Something that you can find in the fridge from time to time is Gudbrandalens getmesost, that the norwegians think is good to have on their waffles... Wierd.

LS said...

But is says - King Oscar - Made in Norway, on the cans! Wasn't King Oscar king of both Sweden and Norway?

Olle said...

Mesost from Gudbrandsdalen I even bring to England (from Stockholm!) when I travel here. Not recognized here.


LS said...

I think mesost is overrated... I used to care for it, but not so much anymore. Messmor is better, in small doses. You can buy mesost in New Jersey, it is very expensive.

Mesost can't be mes cheese in translation - I think it is 'Norwegian goat cheese' or something, but it isn't from goats, right?

EH said...

It is actually goat cheese L, and it's made similar to the messmor. But it's not really overrated, it's really good, but to be eaten at occasions rather than everyday.

Arboga leverpastej on the other hand, everyday if possible! Don't you agree?


LS said...

Arboga everyday, absolut!!!