Saturday, May 19, 2007

Black beauty

Today have been more gardening and digging, the gooseberry bushes (krusbär!) have got a new root-ratfence and a new spot to grow in. Some strolling in the garden of course and a invention, both toy and useful thingie. A simple zink raingutter with some holes in the bottom to lead some of the rainwater out in the flowerbed. My kids played with this for an hour, filling water from the zink ember below the raingutter into the new watering gutter. When the water was finished, they went for more, carrying little buckets with great effort, especially D. They loved it, no risk that it will be dry in that flowerbed this summer!

Black beauties; as I told LS. before.



LS said...

I love that black violet color!

LS said...

I just found out that there is a Kandinsky painting called Black and Violet - but not at all like this photo. I really like Kandinsky, which is weird, because usually I don't like abstract. Or maybe I am oversimplifying that, I kind of like abstract... but not always. This painting gives me associations to the war between a cirle and a square.