Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bzzt, tweeook ,brillp!

I went to a concert tonight at Fylkingen, showing the result of a collaboration between KTH (Royal University of Technology) and KMH (Royal University of Music).
It sounded quite much as it usually does at Fylkingen, since they specialize in EAM (electroacoustic music).

Some pieces were accompanied by projected pictures or videos, but the most visual performance was two students who operated the sound generation with a Nintendo Wii control in each hand. Nintendo Wii is a game console which has wireless controls with acceleration sensors in them, so the two guys were at times waving their hands vigorously to achieve the desired sounds in the quadrophonic PA.
Fun to watch!

Some titles for other works performed were:
Mitt liv som luft (My life as air)
Random accumulation of stress
Out of disorder
Virtual leaves rustling
Där sitter mormor och morphar
(There sits grandma [
and is morphing / and grandpa])
Ultimate hopkok (Ultimate hodge-podge)

"Wii äro musikanter allt ifrån Skaraborg..."

Arty? You bet! :)

(Listening to while posting: Porcupine Tree - Fear of a blank planet)


LS said...

That sounds really futuristic! So do they try to make 'traditional' music, or is the sound also completely innovative?

hopkok could be 'hodge-podge' in English I think.

O.K. said...

Some of the compositions were fairly traditional techno music, most of them were in the "Bzzt, tweeook ,brillp!" category. I don't know if i would say innovative since such music has been around for a long time now, but it sure isn't top-40 radio. :)

LS said...

So you go out afterwards, and you head feels like it just went through electro shocks?

O.K. said...

Yes, but I am used to that, hehe. Long, intense training, you know... :)