Wednesday, May 2, 2007

German Music

Music anyone?
Maybe some German Techno Metal? :)
My brother and I love E-Nomine, this german dude. He's really amazing!
Even though I don't speak or understand German, its still awesome!

Here's a youtube video for all you peeps! Oh, and the video isn't the real artist, someone just
put it in there. Just listen to the music!
Picture of E-Nomine

I think he's a religious singer, maybe singing about the end of the world, but I have no clue! I just love how he sings and the beat he has!


LS said...

Oh, I don't know what to say... NOT my style :) I think the title means 'Our Father', and the music is kind of futuristic with a bit of munkchoir stuffed in. I am dying to hear what O.K. thinks about this.

It reminds me of some music that was around in the 80s, and Kraftwerk too (now my brother will disagree with me, I bet)

AREA said...

Yeah, he's a religous singer I think......

You would think OK would like it?

LS said...

I know what the lyrics mean!!! I found them in german on a website, and it is the same prayer as I learned in Swedish Lutheran Church, but in German:

Fader vår som är i himmelen.
Helgat varde ditt namn.
Tillkomme ditt rike.
Ske din vilja, såsom i himmelen
så ock på jorden.
Vårt dagliga bröd giv oss i dag,
och förlåt oss våra skulder,
såsom ock vi förlåta dem oss skyldiga äro,
och inled oss icke i frestelse
utan fräls oss ifrån ondo.
Ty riket är ditt och makten och härligheten
i evighet.

(There kids, there is something for you to work on by translating this from Swedish to English!)

Hint: The English version is called Pater Noster (link to more info ).

O.K. said...

Hmm, If Rammstein were using eJay to make music, it might end up sounding like this... Tanz-Metal! ;)

Sounding like Kraftwerk? You have to elaborate on that.

LS said...

What is it with all these Germans? Noisy, metallic techno music and black and white futuristic videos... Anyway, I guess mentioning Kraftwerk is just showing how little I know about this :) Kraftwerk for me is anything German and noisy - I prefer other German things, like a good German wine or little blue flowers in the Alps, hehe.

O.K. said...

LS: Futuristic? Don't you like fairy tales?

Good thing I didn't link to Einstûrzende Neubauten, there you have some good german music you would dislike. ;)

LS said...

O.K., och jag som alltid har undrat vilken av de sju dvargarna som du personifierar dig mest med... snalla, lat hora? Sjalv ar jag Snovit, givetvis!

O.K. said...

Just nu ar jag mest en kombination av dummer, trotter och butter... :/