Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Oh my!
This was a road by our house that recently was flooded over.
It was quite a cool scene too!


O.K. said...

I heard there was about 12 inches of rain in 24 hours nearby during that rainstorm. Better start building that Ark... :)

Olle said...

A stunning picture.


LS said...

This was actually not after the big storm - this was the little storm a few days later. The big storm flooded the whole bridge AREA stood on when she took this picture - the river was 20 feet above normal, while in this picture it is only 10 feet above normal.

We have lots of flood problems here in NJ, and this road in Griggstown, on the picture, is my way to work. When it is flooded I have to drive a big circle around to get across Millstone River.

About that Ark... I am not sure what species I would let in. Definitely not poison ivy, but what about dandelions (Maskrosor) and voles (sorkar)? And there might be up to 100 million species on Earth - will be hard to make them fit and keep them apart :). Better save the whole Earth instead...

O.K. said...

Rats, cats and dandelions don't need to be "saved", they'll survive in any environment, hehe.

"And there might be up to 100 million species on Earth..."

See, another proof of evolution. Noah couldn't possible have brought all of those with him so they must have appeared through evolution since then. ;)

Back too flooding. In the play I saw yesterday some of the actors were walking around in rubber boots filled with water, spilling some every step they took.

LS said...

Aha, 'bootleg' theater! Was it good? Water in boots reminds me of canoeing for some reason.