Friday, June 1, 2007

IKEA - heaven on Earth?

What is the first thing you do with a Swede that has just landed at Newark Airport in the US? You take them to IKEA, of course! That is what we did yesterday, EH and I. She said it looks just like in Sweden, except for the pricetags.

Check it out! (click on images to see bigger ones)

We didnt' find what we were looking for, but we got some other things, just like you are supposed to.

In the cafeteria, Swedish shrimp sandwiches are sold as well as meatballs, and on the walls are picturesque pictures from Swedens countryside. Unfortunately, the graphic designer didn't know Swedish, since the title of one is spelled "DARLANA" (see photo).

They do have some cool designs, but it bothers me that they change the items so much year from year. Only the book case Billy is always there, but our great kitchen hooks are gone. Good design should stay, and not change so often!


PP said...

Check out Pimp My Billy

Pimp My Billy

Olle said...

But the text under the headline is fine. I have just come back to Stockholm for a couple of weeks and it was 11 pm when I landed. And the light is just marvellous. It is special. A lot of mad young people around in Märsta, celebrating 'studentexamen'. Theirs and their friends'.

IKEA did spell it "Dalarna" in the text.

O.K. said...

Of course the first thing you want to see over there is Ikea, to ease the shock. ;)
The most exotic of about it is that the measurements is not only metric, but also imperial.

O.K. said...

PP: (About the green shelf) Particle board in that shape? Better not but more than a few magazines on it, or it may become unpimped.