Sunday, May 6, 2007

Gods of Vikings- where are they now?

Do you ever wonder what the ancient Gods of the vikings do today? I know, because I have seen them in work many times. They still affect their surrondings, they shuffle, they heave, they lift, they push, and sometimes I´ve seen them clutter together like having a "ting", a viking meeting.

They now go under the name of AGV, and the one to look out for extra is Loke, of course. He is unpredictable, and been seen running people down. AGV stands for something like Automatic Ground Vehicle, they all run around in the great factory buildings of AstraZeneca in Södertälje transporting goods. And they are automatic or...powered by Gods. Idun, Brage, Frej, Balder, Tyr, Freja, even Oden and Tor, the two most powerful gods have ended up there!

What is your future destiny?


O.K. said...

Well, I see Tor, Odin, Frej, Mimer and Fafne right before me now, sitting on my computer's desktop. I've named all my hard drives and servers after either nordic gods or robots/AI:s.

O.K. said...

Everyones destiny is diffusion, from a materialistic point of view. ;)

LS said...

My destiny is to become a piece of an earthworm, a river birch, a brittle seastar, a wave on the ocean, a flying fish, a hair on a cat...

I know where lots of gods are right now - in the brain of my son, LA. They have certainly a good life there!

Or, maybe they are in our language? Like "TORka dig om munnen!" eller "FROJda dig nu lite iallafall!" eller "O DIN grymme unge!"