Monday, May 14, 2007

Have a fika in New York

There is a new Swedish cafe appropriately named FIKA in New York (homepage [stupid unclickable..]) - we need to visit soon to get our share of chokladbollar, smorgastarta, and meatball sandwiches with beet salad! Apparantly it is very popular on Manhattan!

Here is a review in Swedish, and another one from Aftonbladet.

(thanks to KV for the tip for this post)


EH said...

Nämen har man sett! En FIKA i NY, snart behöver man inte ens åka till Sverige, ni har ju både IKEA, H&M, och fikaställe!

Köttbullsmacka med rödbetssallad! En underskattad delikatess, i alla fall om köttbullarna är goda!

EH said...

Fast det heter väl negerbollar?

LS said...

'negerbollar' kan man inte saga, iallafall inte pa engelska. That is totally inappropriate, not politically correct at all. Imagine them selling N-balls at FIKA in Manhattan. It would be a huge uproar and demonstrations. Of course they could renamed them to bull-balls or something, aha, or "bullar"!