Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day in USA

Accomplished today:

  • Bought buffalo meat at a buffalo farm, saw buffalos and giant freezer chests.
  • Prepared soil and planted corn, hopefully the result will be better than the mutant, dwarf-like corns we got two years ago.
  • Had brunch at Rosemont's The Cafe, an old general store converted into a wonderful little cafe/restaurant. LA had Rhubarb French Toast, AREA had omelet with mango and brie, PP had black bean & ham quesadilla, and I had Russian Shephard Omelet, it was all great.
  • AREA cut the whole lawn in the back, she and her brother raked up all grass. Thanks!
  • Went to chilipepper farm and bought plants of many kinds of hot pepper chilis, that now are in the ground. Also in the ground are plants of tomatoes, warty gourds, hubbard squash, two kinds of cucumbers and scallions. We are just waiting for the garden to take off.
  • Swore over the groundhog (aka 'hot doggen') that ate the parsley!
  • Admired columbines (akleja) flowering, and 'rodblara' too.
  • And, now, three buffalo steaks and a buffalo burger will be put on the grill, with a foil packet of organic potatoes mixed with spices and garlic. Freshmade salad of homegrown arugula and lettuce, and a few radishes too.
  • Weekend is over, sun is still shining, and shoulders are red from the sun. All four of us are exhausted.

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