Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Artsy Black and White Photography

Can be found at this site by Scott Squires. Like this photo from Darwin, California, reminiscing about a life long lost in the American West:


O.K. said...

You might like some of the photos here as well. Maybe not as many as in the american west, but there is a few ghost towns and abandoned places in Sweden as well.

Jan Jörnmark who is professor in economic history has made a book and web site about a few of them.

What Sweden has in abundance is civil and military underground installations that became obsolete at the end of the cold war, but that might be the subject of a post in the future.

LS said...

I like the black and white American better than the color ones by Jornmark, but maybe that is because he seems to want to show the ugly things and truly wasted things in the world. I had no idea they are tearing down apartment buildings from the 60s in Sweden.