Tuesday, May 22, 2007

3rd poem of the day

I think I declare this day poetry-trading day :)
I read a poem in the subway on my way home today. SL, who runs the subway puts up poetry on the advertising billboards from time to time.


Jag samlade frimärken
Pappa gav mig ett halvt kilo
Jag samlade inte frimärken mer


I collected stamps
Dad gave me a pound
I didn't collect stamps anymore

- Siv Widerberg

Short, but with substance.

(Listening to while posting: John Adams - Road Movies. Great american contemporary composer.)


LS said...


Don't give kids too much of what they want! This is a societal problem I think.......

O.K. said...

I don't think it just applies to kids. I have been thinking along those lines when I started the music avalanches... There might be a downside to it.

LS said...

what music avalanches?