Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Snapshot: One year ago today


I might do this snapshot thing once in a while if you like the idea.


(Listening to while posting: Igor Stravinsky - Rite of spring)


LS said...

I love the snapshot idea. And Smokey is still here, just a bit larger. She still has hair coming out of her ears, and she still loves the sun.

LS said...

This cat (Smokey) has so far have had an adventurous life:

1. Fell out of a window
2. Get stuck in a window that fell down on her paw
3. Walked in leaking motor oil in the basement
4. Got locked into a closet by accident, spent 12 hours in a drawer
5. Got motor oil on her head, had to be washed in the bathtub with very fragrant schampoo (smelled like a perfume ad for days)

That is all I can remember now... her sister Ella is the opposite, never in trouble, and you never see her.

AREA said...

Awwwww, very cute!