Tuesday, May 1, 2007

In case of an invasion...

You might need this book, found by my brother:

An Introduction to Planetary Defense
- A Study of Modern Warfare Applied to Extra-Terrestrial Invasion

A little snippet:
"This book offers a serious look at defending the planet in the event of an extra-terrestrial invasion. Travis Taylor, et al, have written the definitive book on the defense of earth against a potential alien incursion. Whatever your beliefs on the subject, the book serves as an important primer on the potential future of warfare on every level."

"We know that at least one star system (our own) within the Milky Way Galaxy has developed intelligent life . . . that suggests statistics of at least one civilisation per galaxy . . . So, there should be billions of star systems with intelligent civilisations."

How is that for extrapolation? One sample (Earth), and here we go! Actually, is there life on other planets or not? What do you think?

And here are some comets kicking up dust in the Helix Nebula
(courtesy of NASA)


Åke said...

"As space is infinite, and as there's a finite number of planets (one) known to have life, one over infinity equals nothing, so there isn't any life in the universe and any that you see is the result of a deranged imagination."

- Douglas Adams

LS said...

I think there is life on other planets in the universe. I mean, why should we be so special? There are billions of other planets. But I don't think we will ever know, those life forms are probably too far away.

LS said...

PS. I guess that Douglas Adams disagreed with "I think, therefore I am"?

Olle said...

The thing is the distance. There might be other 'life' whatever forms it might take but we will never know, nor will they. Too far away, quite simply.

So I think we could more usefully spend our time to prepare for a new war somewhere on our earth. I am more concerned about that, I must admit.


LS said...

Olle, I completely agree with you!