Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Surprise gift of Christmas 2007

These arrived as we were opening our gifts!
Super needed and super thanks!
I love them!


EH said...

A nice surprise it is, I'm happy you like the present. It was birthday present for PP that turned into a Christmas gift instead. If you ever need any more of these, they still make them, but I think have enough now, 13 around the table is not so common I would think. And LS had filled up the drawer with sharp knives too, I heard!

EH said...

I dropped out some of the words, sorry. I think you have enough now, since 13 around the table is not so common in your house, (I think).

LS said...

These knives are great!!! They are perfect for eating grilled chicken, tuna, and a not so bloody steak. (Can you tell I am feeling better, now I can think about food, but I can still not eat any of this after that horrible stomach flu) Thanks, sister for the knives!