Sunday, December 9, 2007

Stamp of the Day: Yellow and Black Garden Spider

Stamp of the Day is an Argiope spider, see post below. These large and pretty spiders are not poisonous, but try to look fierce with their markings. I don't love spiders (EH do!), but I think they are fascinating with their different webs and behaviors. More spider stamps can be found here.


EH said...

I still like these spiders very much. Even though I look under every bush and shrub in your garden this year but found none.

A statement might be in place, I like the variation and complexity of spiders, but I do have some trouble when a longlegged spider comes racing towards me over a floor och up my arm. I don´t think it´s pleasant at all. So I´m a spider-lover from a distance.

LS said...

The worst kind are tarantulas. Or that giant kind that is in the Lord of the Rings movie or in the Harry Potter movie.

Once I got bitten by a spider in Puerto Rico, on my lip while asleep at night. Half my face turned numb, like novocaine anesthesia at the dentist, but it went away after 4-5 hours. I was pretty nervous that it would stay forever! I guess it was just one of those neurotoxins spiders use to keep their prey alive but not moving...