Thursday, December 20, 2007

Brunch in Stockton, NJ

In little Stockton along the Delaware River is a little family-owned breakfast/lunch/dinner place called Meil's, which is also a bakery. On the weekends for brunch there is always a wait, sometimes up to 45 minutes, but people wait patiently outside until a table becomes available. KV and I were here one Saturday in September, and we had a wonderful simple meal. On their website they say:
"Yes, it’s that tiny little place with a name that nobody can pronounce in a town that nobody can find, serving meals that nobody else can make."

Ham and broccoli quiche (pie) with fresh fruit. Everything is made from scratch, not prefab food.
Spinach omelett with homebaked bread and more fruit.
The bakery section. People come in to buy loads of scones, muffins, and cookies.
I love the old glass cabinet.
With it all, a glass of ice tea with lemon.
You can't make any reservations and they don't take credit cards,
so bring your cash and patience - it is worth it.


EH said...

Looks lovely! I feel hungry everytime I open the blog.


LS said...

"I feel hungry every time I open the blog."

Good, then I have succeeded!