Friday, December 7, 2007

Just when you think it can't get any worse,

It does. This almost seems like something the Onion would do.
It really makes me wonder about the kinds of people that are in charge. AA regularly accuses us of being the ones at fault for the current state of things, and it certainly may be people from my generation. Hey AA and LA, what do you think of this?



LS said...

I wonder if this would be an issue in Sweden or England? Would the schools allow it, would parents be upset? Based on the comments in the blog you linked to, parents and people fall into two categories - the parents that think this is horrible, and the others that think this is really not a problem and people should stop being upset over tiny things like this... it would make me furious if it happened in our school district.

PP said...

this is really not a TINY thing...imho

LS said...

I didn't mean that it is a tiny thing, I meant that one group of commentators on that blog thought it was a tiny thing. I think this is just one of many examples of how commercialization is entering everyday lives. Soon the police cars will have Burger King logos on them, ambulances will be sponsored by Heinz, and ads will be painted on roads. This whole profit, market, commercial and advertising thing drives me crazy. And kids are so gullible!!! It is like the separation of church and state, which I am 100% for. There should be separation of school (public stuff) and commercial interests!

AREA said...

Thats horrible! Who would let their school do that!?