Thursday, December 6, 2007

Stamp of the Day: Berguv

This night when we drove home an owl passed over the road in front of us. Silently, quickly, with big rounded wings in the dark. The others missed it, but I saw it clearly. Not sure what kind it could have been, but probably not a Bubo bubo, which is on this Soviet stamp. I think the face of this species looks just like our cat Ella - not the tufts on the ears, the white markings around the eyes, and the general fluffiness of the head. Ella must have some owl DNA in here. Would that be a cowl or a cawl, or a oat, or owat? There is a species in Sweden called kattuggla (catowl), so that must be what Ella is. I'll post a picture of here later on so you can see for yourselves. Ella is also a nightly creature, but she is not a good mouser yet.


EH said...

I always think of the mysterious night in a rubber canoe, when we saw a big olw flying over the marches... It was a "lapponian" olw lappuggla, and I have the memory like a slowmotion movie in my head, still even though it´s many years ago. There where lots of beavers and elks that night too.

Ella is surely a catowl, sitting in a corner following everything intently but from safe distance.

LS said...

I remember that lappuggla too! That was during the trip to Muddus, when we also found a bear's den (empty) and saw beavers swimming right by the canoes. That was a great trip!