Tuesday, December 11, 2007


A picture made of two, making man small and the house big!
Here is a few other pictures from my visit in Manhattan in june 2007.


LS said...

Is that really one or two pictures? I couldn't really tell! Nice photo, and it really shows the contrasts. In the book I am listening too, Anna Quindlen's Raise and Shine, she talks a lot about Manhattanites, people that have to or select to live on Manhattan in crowded apartments. She also writes a lot about the different lives people have, from the poor and homeless to the rich and superrich. Kids that get driven to schools by chauffeurs, and kids that don't have winter jackets because their moms can't afford it. Contrasts, contrasts. I'll blog more about the book when I have finished it, it is really good!

EH said...

Look at the houses, you can see when the hue turns blue about halfway down. It´s two pictures merged into one.

Manhattan is full of contrasting things. Ugly stores with cheap things, next to fantastic outdoor sculptures for example.