Monday, December 3, 2007

The search is over.....

We have finally found a new home. We have bought us a "radhus", a "rowhouse". It´s a housing cooperative of 32 rowhouses. We will move in in February next year. And it´s in Södertälje, not Nykvarn, where we have looked at many houses....too expensive for us. This is good and easy living, unexpensive too, which is good.

I like the kitchen with all the cupboards, the sunny livingroom, the nice bedroom with a big closet. The guestWC and the bathroom is OK but will need some renovation in time to come. The attic room is wonderful, light and useful, both as extra playroom and guestroom. The boys will have a room each or a a sleeping room and a playroom. Which ever suits us best. They now share a room.
Here are some pictures.

The feeling is amazing of course, no more rental flat. And we have a newly bought car as well, got it last week, a midnightblue Peugeot 406 combi. So life is same but different.

We are very happy about this.



LS said...


I know you have been looking for a long while and this looks great. We are looking forward to come and visit. Give the kids two hugs!!! Oh, and give us a report on the French car :)

EH said...

Yes, come and see us. We might need a week or two fix everything but frommid-March and forward "Hotel Hasselnöten" is open.

(The building is called Hasselnöten in some formal papers, which means hazel nut. Not so good for me maybe since I´m allergic to them,we will maybe call our house something else.)