Saturday, December 29, 2007

Images of Christmas

We were invited to some friends' Louisiana-inspired Swedish Christmas party and AREA was the Lucia, complete with long white dress and candles in her hair. Great food too, and the best lutefisk I have ever tasted (but it had Cajun spices on it, that's why). Meatballs in cream sauce, Leksandsknäckebröd, lingon, ham, herring, yum! And glögg of course! Their whole house was decorated with Lucia dolls and figurines, maybe a hundred, and some very old. Great party!

At work we had an ornament contest and this is the creation of one of the students - all made from lab materials and nothing else. Some pipette tip boxes, tubes of various sizes, aluminum foil, caps, and viola! You have a Christmas scene! She won 2nd price.

I found this beer in the store and just had to buy it for PP, who loved it. It really looked like old oil, incredibly dark.


EH said...

How was the beer PP?

Tell us more! Was it anything like a Guiness or more like a very dark ale?

LS said...

Dark ale - I tasted it. Nothing like Guinness, thank God.