Friday, December 21, 2007


Apropos EH's post about the shortest day of the year - this is also the longest night of the year, here depticted in a illustration from the moomins by Tove Jansson.

Here in NJ, we have:
Sunrise: 7:17am & Sunset: 4:34pm
Moonrise: 2:06pm & Moonset: 4:38am
So a little bit more light than Sweden here in New Jersey, except of course that it is cloudy and we won't see either sun or moon today.

We talk about midnight sun, but why don't we talk about midday moon? I assume that in the far north that has no sunshine in the winter, you can have moonlight during the day and evenings too, right? Depending on if the moon is full and up of course.

Now "Mot ljusare tider..." (lighter times). But first, Christmas!

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