Monday, December 24, 2007

Skrinna pa Sotsjon pa julafton (or Skating at Soot Lake on Christmas day)

Today we paid a visit to a nearby lake for a try on the (long) skates. MH now 5,5 years old tried the Isvidda skates with support egdes. He mastered them after some trial in between me and OK, the last round he only hold on to the tip of my ice-pik. DH look with interest from the shore. After this first time of childrens play, OK and I took a nice skating tour around the lake.

Black, crystal clear ice with air bubbles and frozen nymphaea leaves. Blue sky and sunpainted cloud, 2 degrees Celcius. No friction, all heavenly beautiful. Some photos from our day below.
After that a good afternoon with the obligatory "Kalle Anka kl 3" on TV and a visit from the Santa. MH is suspious, and OK:s disguise not so hard to look past, on purpose of course. DH is sure about Santa still. Everybody got something they wanted. A good dinner with ham, homemade meatballs, sill, dopp-i-grytan, rodkal and murkel vol-au-vent.

EH on skates

Air bubbles in the ice

The water was higher when it first froze, so all the stones where icecovered and ice "hills" where created.

Frozen leaves in the clear ice.

Happy holidays to all! from the Sweden-based part of the family!


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LS said...

God Jul to all Swedes! I want to skate too, especially on Sotsjon, which is particularly well-named based on these photos. That black ice!

Keep on skating MH, I am sure you get the hang of it soon.