Sunday, December 30, 2007

A little book of quotes

Since I was 15 or so I have been keeping a little book of quotes, and I think I am on my third one now. The first one was feared in the family when I grew up, because you might end up in it! And many did. I still have that somewhere in a secure place, so one day I can tell you what silly things EH and O.K. said 25 years ago.

But now I have another one, started in 2000, and mostly with some really good kids' quotes. Here is just a few from kids and family and friends. All are overheard by myself, none are made up. I am not saying who said what, but you might be able to figure that out yourself. Of course some of the things only makes sense if you know both Swedish and English. Enjoy!


Grandma has dot-com. She has a million websites. (Kid, 5 years old, after seeing the internet for the first time)

I am too tired to do nothing. (Kid, 5 years)

Kid 1 (5 years old): - I love to have stinky pants!
Mom: - Maybe I should write that in my quotation book and read it to you when you are 15?
Kid 2: - YEAH!
Kid 1: - No, no! I changed my mind, I hate stinky underwear.

See, we are making a nice clean mess! (Kid, 6 years old)

- How can I not listen to him? My ears are always on.

(looking at tracks in the snow)
- Look, it is a bird! It has three feet.

If you are not nice the ghost of President Bush will come after you.

I am so hungry I could eat a vegetarian.

If you are close to an electric eel you might get shocked.

Mom, I know why Jewish don't celebrate Christmas. They don't celebrate little Harry or whatever his name is. (Kid, 6 years old)

I need to read a little bit more to get a little more tired. (11-year old at bedtime)

How do you make this baby run? (10-year old girl standing inside the steam locomotive)


If there were no garbage men we would be in deep shit.

-What is a 10-cornered polygon called?
- Decandent.

Even when it rains in Sweden, the humidity is lower. [than in NJ, of course]


- Du är så fyndig!
- Ja, jag hittar alla mina skämt på rea!

Vad kallar man en bok som ramlade ner i youghurten?
- Bibliofil!

American Museum of Natural History är jättestort. Man kan bara gå in på en sektion åt gången.

Såna som inte vill vara ensamma hemma.

Jag är inte längre makalös! [said the newly married woman]

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