Sunday, December 16, 2007

Boletus, anyone?

Here is someone that knows how to hunt for mushrooms with a camera! See more great photos on Pietro Tagliaferri's website. Also, it seems to be his first day blogging, so leave a nice comment if you like!


PP said...

In Italian (and english) they are of my favorites. I remember you talking about collecting them in Sweden and I didn't pay it much mind, then much later I found out they were one in the same. Opening a bag of dried ones is the best smell!

LS said...

In Swedish these are called Karl Johan's, I wonder if they were named after a king?

EH said...

Probably our king Karl Johan Bernadotte who was french. I believe he was very fond of these mushrooms just as many Frenchmen are today. There you can buy them dried in the stores, here you only find that in deli shops.