Saturday, December 8, 2007

Stamp of the Day: New York

Today's stamp of the day is a special selection for LA and AREA, since the three of us were in New York last night. We spent 5 hours traveling total to go to a party at Central Park West for 3 hours. We traveled with car, train, feet, elevator, and subway, and we got a real experience in 'how many people can you fit into Penn Station at rush hour". On the other hand, the party was great!

But I also remembered what I don't like about New York - all the people, the lack of personal space, that trees are just things to put electric lights on, that everything is solved by shopping and having more things you don't really need, that all New York apartments are really tiny and have minuscule bathrooms, there is food and people everywhere, the subway is noisy but works wonder in transporting people around, the old Penn Station should have been saved like Grand Central, the current Penn Station is a disgrace and a place for claustrophobia, that the whole urban environment is so artificial. There are lots of artificial shallow people there too, often dressed in blackdresses, being unhealthy skinny, and with a fur coat, and with some artsy necklace they didn't make themselves around their necks. Of course there are things I like too, and New York is a fascinating place. But I never want to live on Manhattan!

Stamp of the Day is Empire State Building in New York, from above.


EH said...

I went to NY on my visit last spring, and I took refuge in the great park, strolling over to the Metropolitan Art museum.

But the busy traffic, all the people and so on, they stayed outside the park mostly.

I suppose I´m not a city person at all.

LS said...

EH, what do you like best with Manhattan?

EH said...

I suppose I have seen only a millionpart of Manhattan, since I only been there a few times, mostly in the parks.

But I like the skyscrapers silouette in the far view and I like the great museums. I´ve only seen three or something like that so I think I have close to a hundred left to see.

Metropolitan was great, even though some parts where closed. Chinatown was exotic, from a previous visit. Battery Park with the river side, the two towers still standing then. A small church hunched below the skyscrapers, turned out to be a big cathedral inside. I like a lot of things in Manhattan, but I like giong away from there too! What is your favorite place in Manhattan, LS?

LS said...

Hmmm, my favorite place in Manhattan? That is a hard question. I like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I love the Cloisters, I love Grand Central Station, I like having lunch at a small Italian diner and look in weird stores in Chinatown - I can't choose. And the Staten Island Ferry too! I also like the boats at the South Street Seaport, the Strand bookstore, and walking up Fifth Avenue when there is not a million people around. And American Museum of Natural History - all the crystals, dioramas, and the hanging whale. It is all great stuff.