Monday, December 24, 2007

the HAM

Well at 6am this morning I was washing off the Japanese saw so I could cut off a couple of inches of the ham so it would fit in our oven! It is now a 21 lb(9.5 kilo) ham.

Now its is already perfuming the house....

Here is a bit about where our ham came from:

Berkshire pork

Here is the recipe I am using:



LS said...

This morning at 7 when I woke up, the bedroom was filled with roasting ham smell. When I came downstairs, a 40 cm japanese double-edged saw was in drying in the dish drain. (Remember the saw, O.K., it is the one you used to cut through beams and wood when we changed the windows?)

A little later PP opened a bottle of beer (at 7.15 in the morning), and poured it over the ham. It really is giant. I also wonder who will eat it all, I bet it will be many good dinners from our freezer.

You can only buy these hams as one ham, not pieces, and I guess our pig was a very happy and BIG one. More ham updates to come, with photos.

AREA said...

So thats what I smelled this morning! YUM!