Monday, April 28, 2008

One year anniversary!!!

Of our blog is TODAY! I have no idea how many posts, how many comments, and how many of our photos have made it here, but we are going strong. We are just about to pass 20 000 visits in the next coming days.

As we say in Sweden: Hurra för oss!

Some particular popular themes have emerged since we started: gardening, coffee, chocolate, birds, book reviews, history, design and food. Did I miss anything? That is what life is about, after all.

Thanks everybody for all your efforts and input! Photo credit: O.K.

Comments on this post can be about anything - all topics allowed. Open thread starts here...

Pondering people all over the world, unite! Locations of our readers the last 8 months.


EH said...

the blog is so fun, to read, to post, to have!

Hipp, hipp hurra!

EH said...

You missed out the obvious topic, photo and garden/plants

LS said...

hold on there EH, I did say gardening! And plants and photos are everywhere on this blog, but I guess I should have mentioned them.

Here is my off topic comment:
Why do pretty birds have ugly songs and vice versa? Cases in point:
blue jay - horrible shreeking sounds
grackles - oachiiii wheezing noise
mockinbird - repeat, repeat, won't make you sleep

house wren - like water drops clicking away, beautiful
'rodvingetrast - vacker, vacker sang'


O.K. said...

Haha, jag ser att du inte bytt namn på min bild. ;)

O.K. said...

I'd like to point out that there really is only one pond to ponder over, and we're all sitting in the middle of it!

(Referring to Bucky's dymaxion map)

EH said...

I don´t agree about your bird song theory:

Koltrast- wonderful and beautiful
Blåhake- wonderful and beautiful
Crow- ugly and noisy

Domherre- like little bells in the middle of the winter, beautiful song and bird.

Fiskmås- not so nice and sound bad.

Your theory has to be modified, I think!

LS said...

What is that Swedish expression again? Sitter med andan i blot? Fotterna i blot? Nar alla ar lika illa ute?

I agree with O.K., we are all sitting in the same pond.

EH said...

Sitter i samma båt?

LS said...

Japp, sitter i samma bat i samma pol. Precis.

O.K. said...

"Men det är inte de som ror, ror så att svetten lackar. Och piskan som kittlar, kittlar inte heller deras feeeta nackaar!"

Sorry... ;)

O.K. said...

I added a map to the post.

LS said...

Suddenly we are in this total nostalgic 70-80s Swedish punk/rock mood! Ebba Gron!!!! Yeah!!!!

Staten och kapitalet! Vad har andrats egentligen? Staten ar definitivt annu mer kapitalistisk nu an pa 80-talet. Sa Ebba Gron och Joakim Thastrom hade ratt.

EH, I admit that my bird theory has some flaws. But maybe it only works for American birds? Also, seagulls are not beautiful, in my opinion. Terns are nice and elegant, but seagulls are bullies and noisies.

LS said...

Hmmm, maybe it was Imperiet, not Ebba Gron?

EH said...

No,no, it´s Ebba Grön! who say about "Staten och Kapitalet"

Imperiet is more like Du ska vá president, du ska va miljonär....

or "jag är en idiot" , from the album "Tiggarens tal".