Saturday, April 26, 2008

A garden walk at Ytterjärna

This is some buildings and a park built in antroposophic philosophy. I know they dont like 90 degrees angles on houses. They have all kinds of colours too.

Four hues of blue, one painted color.

No right angles in this house, ie 90 degrees.
Examples of their color pigments

Gulsippa och vitsippa

Examples of their famous (in Sweden) water staircases for purifying sewer water and purifying ponds.

A nice bench in the woods
A moveable flower crate


EH said...

I should have told you about the rosegarden too, but it´s only stumps right now. Maybe in the summer.

LS said...

I don't think many people in the US knows what the Antroposofs are, maybe you can tell us more?

I love that water swirly terrace thing! And the bench too! You can sit from both sides so you can pick your view. And the vitsippor - ahhhh! I miss them!