Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Costa Rica - more fun!

AREA has been taking some great photos. Here is a bromeliad, and the meter-long leaves turn red when it flowers. You don't want to run into these plants.Here is a cuatymungy that AREA saw on her hike up to Rincon. LS didn't see it, haha! We were coming out of the trail and into the parking lot, when all of a sudden, we saw it! It was just chilling out, eating some stuff. It wasn't scared of us at all. It walked right past us!
LS wanted to show you all how the roads look like in Costa Rica. No Lines! This is the main highway in the country, the Pan-American Highway that goes from Patagonia to Alaska. The driving is very scary here, especially in San Jose in a little taxi. LS and AREA would never drive here!
Another airborne photo by AREA looking at some beautiful islands.
A graffiti mural on a wall in San Jose. AREA told LS to take the photo.

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