Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The oldest living tree in the world

Where do you think the oldest tree in the world is. Yes of course in Sweden. They have found a spruce of a mountain in Sweden -Harjehogna- that is 8000 years old. They have measured the age with the C14-method. It is from the same time as the glacial period finished in Sweden. In this area on 1000 metre over the sea the spruce cannot multiply by seeds so it has to clone itself with new plants grow from the root. The picture is not of the oldest tree but is the same type from another mountain Salen.


PP said...

You post this on an odd day for me, the 12th anniversary of my father's death. Perhaps it is fitting, as to me his memory will go on forever, like the 8000 year old tree.

In the US they cut down the oldest know tree:

LS said...

It is kind of weird to imagine that such an old tree is in the ARctic cold, and that the giant trees we have been seeing here in Costa Rica are just 'teenagers'. I read somewhere that there are colonial aspen groves that also are thousands of years old.