Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Snapshot: Swedish staple food

For PP.

The (not so) complicated preparation of the Swedish Falu sausage. :)

1. Chop
2. Fry

Listening to while posting: Muddy Waters - Guaranteed reservations


LS said...

Nice knife! You forgot that the fried sausage is served with ketchup and instant mashed potatoes. Ah, the Swedish cuisine of my child hood!

O.K. said...

Well, you _could_ do that, but it woldn't be _right_! Hehe.

PP said...

hey you stole my comment...so I'll change my comment: Now that's a Knife!

I want some now!

O.K. said...

With a broad Australian accent, I presume?

O.K. said...

"I want some now!"

Knives or sausages?

LS said...

PP always want the sausage AND the knife.


O.K. said...

I was expecting his obvious answer:


PP said...