Monday, April 21, 2008

Easy-open oysters

Incredible! From Gourmet magazine October 2007, which is not available on-line... (which also has an oyster primer)

.... when the volcano blew in A.D. 79, millions of shellfish in the coastal waters around Pompeii were forced open by shock waves from the explosion. This idea sent León back to the laboratory, where he came up with a device for opening oysters by means of low-frequency sound waves. The oysters are placed in a bain-marie six at a time, and at the touch of a button their shells loosen their iron grip. No more digging about with knives is required; no nasty bits of shell are left in your oyster.


O.K. said...

Finally a reason to bring a contrabass saxophone to fancy restaurants. Oyster Bar Grand Central, here I come! :)

LS said...

Haha, guess how surprised they would be when all their oysters suddenly pop open!