Saturday, April 26, 2008

Trädgårdsmässa i Älvsjö - Garden fair 2008 Sweden

A plant called Spetsmössa. (Fringy hat)

This garden fair was all but about gardens. Mostly there where things to put in your garden. Like stone paving made of concrete or natural stone and bird baths.

Our display, the butterfly project goes on for another 2 years. Some of the pictures on the wall are my photos.
Boys with toys, garden and model trains!
A spring garden designed by Hannu Sarenström. Absolutely perfect. Blue anemone nemorosa and a green one next to it.
Some other pictures.

And what did I buy? See below. Balkansippa och två dubbla julrosor, en röd och en vit.


hwang ok said...


LS said...

Haha - If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen!!!

Great photos, and I especially like the ants with the razor wire, even if I don't like razor wire... especially not rusty ones. It looks like this flower show was a lot better than the one in Philadelphia this year.

More flowers to the people, and less flowers to the deers and mullsorks.

O.K. said...

I like those white "vegetables" on the rusty plate.

LS said...

Those white vegetables are seed pods and fruits, enlarged, and maybe made out of porcelain or white clay. I like them too!

EH said...

I have a seed pod made like a seed from "rågvallmo". It´s green, not like these. I liked them too, but didn´t buy any.

LS said...

EH, do you mean the seed or the capsule that houses the seeds on the poppy? The seeds are small and can be eaten on bagels, remember? I love poppy seed capsules, they are so evolutionary smart. When the wind blows the capsule rattles and shakes the seeds out like a salt shaker.

EH said...

It´s a enlarged seed in green ceramics. Really nice.

LS said...

EH, can you post a photo?