Saturday, April 26, 2008

Vitsippsmattor och sångsvanar

Vitsippsmattor till Swedette och alla andra som längtar efter en svensk vårkväll.

(Anemone blankets for Swedette, and everybody else who longs for a swedish spring evening.

The sun is about to set and the flowers has started to close.

A sunray still reaches the meadow.

A pair of swans are cruising the little creek, slowly.

When I come closer they are alerted and sing out with their beautiful voices. In swedish they´re called singing swans.



LS said...

Nice swans! We saw mute swans ('knolsvan') this weekend, but the 'song swans' are much more elegant. It is like comparing a buffalo with a gazelle.

I miss the anemones of the Swedish countryside...

EH said...

But you have other anemones, don´t you? Maybe not whole fields of them but still? Isn´t there a Anemone americana somewhere out there?

I can send you some roots and you can have Anemones in a pot in spring.

LS said...

Sorry, no roots can be sent to America. They don't want any roots here. We have other anemones, and I have tall fall-flowering ones. Anemone americana, hmmm, but we have Hepatica (blasippor).

swedette said...

Love these pictures! Vitsippor galore, now that's what I'm talking about. But I'm moving back to Sweden after eight good years here, so I am certain I will miss all sorts of things from here in the future. On the upside, I'll have the vitsippor.