Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blåsippa Hepatica nobilis

I love this color, they vary a lot so you´ll have to look for the really blue ones.


LS said...

Blue! And it never had the right color when you used Kodachrome either.

kate smudges said...

I discovered a change in the blossoms of my Hepatica nobilis after they had frozen. A few days later, new buds surfaced and they were a much-deeper blue in colour. For some reason, Hepatica thrives here even though the winter is harsh and the spring unpredictable.

LS said...

Hi Kate,
welcome to our blog. I saw that you reviewed Michael Pollan's Second Nature too, like me, but we thought a bit differently about it. I read a lot of gardening and food books and review them here.

About the color change in Hepatica - that doesn't surprise me because the temperature probably affects the production of anthocyanins or flavonoids, the chemicals that give the flower color. But I haven't heard it being documented before. I wish I had some Hepaticas or spring-flowering Anemone's in my garden. Now I have to wait to fall when my tall Japanese Anemone's are flowering. I'll be back visiting on your blog!